Wednesday, 1 February 2012

These are a few of my favourite things...

So I've decided to start a blog and I thought I would dedicate my first post to my favourite things.
1. My Wardrobe
I am a huge fan of Fashion, I purchase clothes each week continuing to add to my evergrowing wardrobe. I love High Street, Topshop being my favourite store, however, a few designer labels can be found amongst my clothes. I like to be adventurous with my clothes and stand out from the crowd, I like bold patterns and prints that are guaranteed to make people stop and stare.

Leopard print is one of my favourite patterns, it is an ongoing trend and hit AW 2011 by a storm. However, as the print is so popular I think there is a very thin line between tacky and trendy. My favourite purchase this winter has got to be my Cow Hair Leopard Print Boots from Topshop. I also adore fur, fur is the perfect essential to keep you warm during Winter. I bought my brown fur ASOS coat last Christmas and I couldn't wait to get it back out the wardrobe this year.

2. Art
As you can see there is a random picture of John Lennon amongst my photographs. This is a drawing I drew a few days ago, it took me approximately half an hour and I thought blogging would be a great way to share my future drawings/paintings.


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