Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I'm back!

Hello Strangers,

It has been a while since I last posted on this blog, much to my disappointment I just haven't found time and some may say I suffered 'writer's block'. However, recently I have found my love for blogging again and I will be updating my blog more often. I promise!

So with that said, I am currently planning a blog post focusing on Vintage Fashion and would love it if you could help me collect data. I have set up a Google survey form that is really simple to fill out, it does not matter if you never buy or have never bought Vintage clothing before, I would just love to hear from you. I may add, all results are anonymous too!

Click here to fill out my Survey

Thanks my darlings,


Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I have recently made a new Tumblr, it is less personal and specifically targets fashion. My Tumblr domain name is 'Chic Chit Chat' as I feel it sums up exactly what the pictures I post and reblog will relate to.
However, I am still unsure of whether to change the name to 'So F-cking Fabulous' to match this blog so I can be recognised across the internet easily. Please give me your opinions on whether I should change it or not, I would appreciate it! :)

I hope you will check out my Tumblr and follow as it is an alternative way to express my favourite styles and trends visually.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lady Gaga Meat Dress.

As most of us all know, Lady Gaga made the controversial decision to wear a dress made out of raw beef to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. The dress, commonly known as the 'meat dress' was designed by Franc Fernandez. Gaga is never one to shy away from making bold fashion statements with her choice of clothing and this dress definitely did not fail to attract attention. 

So, last year when choosing to base my art project on a Pig's Heart - out the ordinary, I know - I decided that I would aim to create and design a dress based on Gaga's meat dress. Of course I could not use real, raw meat so instead I used material and dyes in hope to create a dress similar. 

To design my dress, I took photographs of the Pig's Heart and picked out the patterns I could see visible within it. From this, I sketched them out selecting areas that I would then enlarge onto material. I then used wax and red, pink and purple dye to create colours that I could see within the meat. Once I had done this on many cuttings of material I then began to pin them together on a manikin before sewing.

This was the outcome of my inspired 'Meat Dress'...


Wednesday, 9 May 2012


As Prom season is coming up it made me think about my own Prom that I celebrated last June. It was probably one of the best nights of my life so far and it gave my friends and I the chance the dress more formal than usual which is always exciting! I searched for months prior to my Prom for a dress that I knew no one else would have. I finally found a dress in Style Clinic based in Liverpool, it was an Anoushka G dress and fitted me perfectly. 
Bag - Ted Baker, Shoes - Kurt Geiger

I opted for a long dress as although I knew the majority of my fellow classmates would, I felt it wasn't often that we got to attend such a formal event and wear the type of dresses expected.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Festival Fashion - Coachella

I am a huge fan of festival fashion and cannot wait to add to my wardrobe for Leeds festival this summer. I believe it is very rare for festival trends to go wrong as it consists of cute, comfortable and carefree fashion. Coachella is the coolest festival and I envy anyone who has managed to go! The music is spoke about just as much as the fashion. So when the festival finally ended, I decided to take a look at the styles some of the A-listers put together.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley -
I love Rosie's look with her floral cut-off denim shorts, white blouse and heeled ankle boots complement the models signature long legs. Denim is a safe option for festivals as it goes with anything and you can still look fashionable. Rosie accessorised her outfit with a statement gold cuff and sunnies.
She looks confident and effortlessly beautiful as always!

Lindsay Lohan -
Lindsay wowed festival goers with her white lace playsuit! I absolutely adore this look as it is so simple, fresh and summery. Lindsay teamed her outfit with yellow sunglasses and what look to be Jeffery Campbell Lita Heels which are a favourite of mine. Despite her wild past, Lindsay looked healthy sporting her natural red hair colour.

Emma Watson -
I love Emma's cute and comfortable look rocking a tiger print playsuit, simple cardigan and tanned floppy hat. Prints are definitely in this summer and would be a great addition to your festival wardrobe. However, I am not overly keen on the cardi worn on top but Emma always seems to look lovely! I am a big fan of floppy hats though and cannot wait to wear mine over the summer. They are a must have accessory!

Vanessa Hudgens -
I always seem to love Vanessa's festival fashion as I am a big fan of the hippy, bohemian style. The actresses denim cut-off shorts, crop top, white flowing shirt and flower headband added some serious chic to the festival. Although I love her hippy style I think that Vanessa is flashing a bit too much skin, however as the saying goes... if you've got it, flaunt it! I also love her round framed sunglasses as they complement her hippy style so well! I purchased a similar black pair last Summer for my holiday which I was forever recieving compliments for.

Rihanna - Rihanna's hipster chic outift has received diverse reviews, some love it and others loathe it! However, I have found myself quite liking it. Don't get me wrong, I don't think many of us could actually pull it off but I think with her 'bad girl' reputation , she suits it! She looked cool and carefree with her studded denim shorts and her cropped Topshop top topped off with her Chanel bomber jacket and hi-top Adidas trainers.

One outfit I was not too keen on was, Katy Perry's! The singer dared to bare all as she wore a floral sheer maxi dress teamed with black boots. Although it is unevitable that she has the body for it, the outfit is just so wrong! It is not often that you can go wrong with festival fashion but Katy definitely has. I really do not like the black bra and high waisted knickers combination, I think she could have wore a lot better.


Topshop £20
Topshop £12

Topshop £34
Topshop £75
Topshop £22
River Island £20

Topshop £24

Asos £15

Topshop £28

Topshop and ASOS have dedicated collections on their websites for festival fashion which you may want to have a look at...

Topshop's Festival Shop

ASOS Festival Shop

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

These are a few of my favourite things...

So I've decided to start a blog and I thought I would dedicate my first post to my favourite things.
1. My Wardrobe
I am a huge fan of Fashion, I purchase clothes each week continuing to add to my evergrowing wardrobe. I love High Street, Topshop being my favourite store, however, a few designer labels can be found amongst my clothes. I like to be adventurous with my clothes and stand out from the crowd, I like bold patterns and prints that are guaranteed to make people stop and stare.

Leopard print is one of my favourite patterns, it is an ongoing trend and hit AW 2011 by a storm. However, as the print is so popular I think there is a very thin line between tacky and trendy. My favourite purchase this winter has got to be my Cow Hair Leopard Print Boots from Topshop. I also adore fur, fur is the perfect essential to keep you warm during Winter. I bought my brown fur ASOS coat last Christmas and I couldn't wait to get it back out the wardrobe this year.

2. Art
As you can see there is a random picture of John Lennon amongst my photographs. This is a drawing I drew a few days ago, it took me approximately half an hour and I thought blogging would be a great way to share my future drawings/paintings.